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Procedures for Recruitment of Volunteers

  1. Individuals who are interested in becoming Volunteers must complete a Volunteer Registration Form and lodge it with the Project Manager.

  2. The Volunteer Registration Form must be signed by the BIRR employee supervising the Volunteer and forwarded to the Project Manager for approval prior to the commencement of work.

  3. If the registration is approved by the Project Manager, reference checks may be conducted.
  4. If the position involves working with children, child protection checks must be completed.

  5. The completed Volunteer Registration Form will be retained at all times by the Project Manager.

  6. Volunteers must record their details in an Attendance Register on each volunteering occasion.

  7. Volunteers may only undertake work under the supervision and direction of an appropriate BIRR employee.

  8. An induction will be provided to the Volunteer, which will include being given a copy of this Policy and the BIRR Code of Conduct, and advised on other relevant BIRR policies and procedures, including the Occupational Health and Safety Code and Privacy provisions.

  9. Volunteers must adhere to this Policy, the BIRR Code of Conduct and all other relevant policies and procedures at all times.

  10. Volunteers must not disclose, disseminate, or make use of confidential information relating to BIRR's affairs gained during the course of their engagement with BIRR.

  11. Failure by a Volunteer to comply with this Policy, the Code of Conduct, or other applicable BIRR policies and procedures may result in termination of the Volunteer’s engagement by the Project Manager.
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