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2-4 Feb BIRR Camp

Myuna Bay Sports and Recreational Centre (Department of Sports and Recreation facility)

From the 2nd till the 4th of February 2007, a BIRR camp was held for 50 young Muslims from different areas of southwest Sydney.

Through recreational sports and social activities that promote team work, confidence, self-discipline, and self-esteem, the camp provided opportunities for Muslim youth to be trained on how to be responsible and aim for long-term goals.

The group of Muslim youth went through an early work-out session, a motivational talk, a group discussion, and a leadership and communication based physical workshop. They were also permitted free time as a means for the participants to absorb and understand the experience and build relationships with other participants.

The camp essentially focused on the following aspects of self-development:

    • Discovering self-worth, personal value, and the inner-strength of one’s character, personality, and ability

    • Understanding the power of healthy and productive personal and community relations
    • Having dreams and goals, and aiming to achieve them despite the challenges the youth may face

    • Being able to face points of weakness

Camp Outcomes

The feedback received was quite positive. The following comments from the youth help to sum up the three-day event:

“The camp helped the youth gain a sense of self-awareness. It was a clear leap in self-esteem and self-worth, driving them to understand the power of encouragement, and the power of communication” – one mentor noted.

A realisation of the value of teamwork and community as well as the value of leadership was further appreciated by the youth.

“The camp allowed me to better understand my real worth. I feel I have more self-discipline” – a young person noted.

“This camp is different from all the other ones I’ve been to. The BIRR camp has made me realise the importance of taking responsibility for my own actions” – another young person stated.

In short, the camp allowed each participant to walk away feeling valued through a positive experience, and understanding that they are assets - not liabilities - to society.